Buying a K-12 School

Are You Interested in Buying a K-12 Private School, Boarding High School, preschool, College, institutions, school supplies, properties etc.? Buying A School If you are thinking of buying a private school please contact our firm right now.  We would be pleased to provide you sound advice in connection with the process, advantages, pitfalls, financing, and… Continue reading Buying a K-12 School

How to Sell School Properties?

​One of the best investments that you can make is in purchasing school properties. is the right platform to purchase school properties. There are preschool to junior college or K12 school across India listed under Not only are you investing in a solid future for your children, but you are also helping to… Continue reading How to Sell School Properties?

Buying or selling School properties made easy

Across India Selling or Buying Preschools or CBSE schools or ICSE schools or Colleges or Academy or Institutions or school related equipments made easy. Just register and post your requirements @ Click to register: Get free access to post or list or share or review deals and suitable properties can be contacted easily:  … Continue reading Buying or selling School properties made easy

Finding the Perfect School/Any Educational Institution for Rent/Sale/Lease/Buy: A Step-by-Step Guide With

Introduction If you’re in the market for a new school, is the perfect place to start your search. We provide a Hassle-Free platform for Leasing, Buying and Selling of Educational Properties. We have a team of experienced professionals who will guide you through each step of the process and make sure that you get… Continue reading Finding the Perfect School/Any Educational Institution for Rent/Sale/Lease/Buy: A Step-by-Step Guide With

Schools for Sale

The educational property market is a niche market. This being the case, it has not been given the required space and dimension it deserves in the various property listing sites. Every other property portal deal with educational properties such as Preschools for sale, K-12 schools for sale, leasing of land for school, Leasing of school… Continue reading Schools for Sale

Edu property listing packages

We provide handheld support for Leasing, Selling and Buying of properties. The following process is followed to provide maximum support to the client: * Professional guidance and industry expert due diligence for arriving at the proper valuation of the education property * Introduce The Prospective Buyers With Educational institution Owners/ Sellers * Arrange The Educational… Continue reading Edu property listing packages

Purpose of Edu Real Estate portal

•           Leasing, Renting, Buying and Selling of land parcels which are suitable for K-12 schools, Colleges, preschools and institutes across India. •           Listing of properties and land parcels on lease/rent or built-to-suit model for K-12 schools, Colleges and institutions across India. •           Buying and selling of functional pre-schools across India. •           Leasing, Renting, Buying and… Continue reading Purpose of Edu Real Estate portal

Easy Listing of Edu properties

Registering in helps to connect the buyers and sellers of educational properties, the listings present a variety of options to the buyer according to their budget and location preferences. We follow a transparent procedure to make the process reliable and ensure a win-win deal for both parties.