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Are You Interested in Buying a K-12 Private School, Boarding High School, preschool, College, institutions, school supplies, properties etc.?

Buying A School

If you are thinking of buying a private school please contact our firm right now.  We would be pleased to provide you sound advice in connection with the process, advantages, pitfalls, financing, and market for buying a school across North America. We can provide consulting services in connection with presenting your background and defining your acquisition objectives and financial requirements to school owners. Due to the confidential nature with buying and selling educational institutions, all buyers must contact first before we share additional information about schools and colleges that we consult with. is an international merger and acquisition consulting and advisory firm focused exclusively on investments in the private education sector. We are one of the most active M&A consulting firms in North America and have significant experience in early childhood, K-12, boarding, and post-secondary education.  We are a value-added advisory that leverages our deep operating expertise and knowledge of education businesses to drive enhanced value for our clients. Furthermore, we work with school and business owners and buyers from across the globe regarding the sale of their educational institution – be a K-12 school, language school, education-related business, and/or career college. We research profiles for an extensive list of potential buyers seeking to purchase businesses in a variety of markets and school types. These include corporate buyers seeking platforms or add-on acquisitions, high net-worth individuals, private equity firms, and/or other qualified parties interested in acquiring private schools. Additionally, in a select few occasions, also advises buyers with their search and purchase of a private school.

Our firm specializes in the Selling/Renting/Leasing of:

  • Operational preschool
  • Preschool toys and equipment
  • Operational K-12 school
  • Land for school
  • School vehicles
  • School furniture
  • School sports equipments
  • School building
  • Operational college
  • College building
  • Management takeover

Our team has a proven track record advising school owners with the sale of their school with regard to:


We research the profile of potential buyers and an extensive and qualified list of buyers.


We take the lead regarding the sale of the school, advising school owners through the transaction.


Our industry leading knowledge maximizes value for school owners.


Our approach is handled with the strictest of confidentiality and maximum intrusion in the school’s operation.

We advise a wide-range of schools across India– be it non-profit or for-profit. We have a constant flow of potential buyers due to our extensive networking in the education-sector and word-of-mouth reputation. To ensure that our list of buyers are active, we regularly contact them to update information about their requirements and profile.

Best investment plan

One of the best investments that you can make is in purchasing school properties. is the right platform to purchase school properties. There are preschool to junior college or K12 school across India listed under Not only are you investing in a solid future for your children, but you are also helping to support the education system. However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind when purchasing school properties so that you get the best deal possible.

This is the essential question for any owner of a private school who is considering selling their school on the open market.

You will not find an easy calculator on the Internet to determine the value of your school. There is no simple formula that you can use to value your private school for sale. There are multiple factors that need to be considered when preparing the valuation of your school. Many of today’s school buyers are international investors, private equity firms, and/or school operators looking for safer areas to invest their money or expand their portfolios.

Due to the reputation of the educational system, schools are considered safe investment platforms for investors. The broad figures for goodwill calculations are somewhere between four to six times a multiple of the net profit plus the commercial value of the freehold property (but also depending on the school type and its assets). A market assessment is also important as this will assess your local competition, the reputation of the school, recent trends in numbers attending the school, regulatory reports, and supply and demand.

However, the basic answer to the question, “How do I value my school?”, is based on a variety of elements, including the sum of fixed assets of the school’s business plus a goodwill calculation.

On the first element of “fixed assets”, this can be attained from your recent set of full accounts. It comprises all the physical items that your school business owns and includes freehold commercial value of any property that your school owns.

The second element is a goodwill school valuation component that is not as apparent or easy to determine as the fixed asset element to your overall school valuation.

Our relationship with our clients is conducted with complete confidentiality, commitment, and high ethical standards. The confidentiality that provides means that the value of the school can be tested against a range of offers. We understand the sensitive nature of this matter and assure you that we will hold in confidence our conversations and any information we receive from you.

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