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The educational property market is a niche market. This being the case, it has not been given the required space and dimension it deserves in the various property listing sites. Every other property portal deal with educational properties such as Preschools for sale, K-12 schools for sale, leasing of land for school, Leasing of school property, Sale of school Building etc, just like any other Real estate property like Apartments, Villas or Villa Plots which are up for sale.

Educational properties like CBSE/ICSE/IB/State Boards schools which are up for sale, when listed on the website is targeting a highly specific market. And such buyers look for specific information like the Built up area, Board to which the school is affiliated, age of the school, fee structure, No of admissions etc. before shortlisting the properties and contacting the sellers of the K-12 schools.

Sale of Colleges and Training institutions needs specific information like the type of college (Engineering/ Degree/Medical/PU), the university it is affiliated to, Age of the institution, Number of admissions etc.

Likewise when a property is listed for Lease or Built to suit model which the seller thinks is suitable for a school or college, he has to enter specific information like the location, the relative advantages of that location, expected lease amount etc.

Another Challenge that is faced in the selling and buying of educational properties is the importance of maintenance of secrecy with relation to the sale of preschool, sale of K-12 schools and Sale of Institutions. Once the parents become aware of the fact that a school is in the market for sale, they assume that the school is not functioning properly and the admissions will fall rapidly. So, the Sale of a preschool/K-12 school has to be done in utmost confidentiality by both the parties.

Renting/Leasing of Schools which is also known as management buy-out is one of the ways of acquiring of K-12 School, colleges and institutions. In such cases the fixed asssets like land and buiding remain with the original owners and only the running of the school is transferred on lease basis to the lessee (the incoming management). is an initiative of school ventures which is a dedicated real estate platform for Renting/Leasing/Buying and Selling of Educational properties. Educational properties that can be listed are Pre-schools, K-12 Schools, Colleges, Training institutes and Land or Building suitable for schools. Each of the above categories comprises of specific information which must be entered by the seller. When an interested buyer visits our website, he is given sufficient information to decide whether to consider the said property and contact the seller. This is also helpful to the seller as he is contacted by interested parties and can be assured of less spam calls, he is also saved from repeating the same information again and again. also provides a platform for vendors for listing their products. Sale of school products can be used or new school furniture, indoor/outdoor toys, sports equipments.

Educational property market being a highly specialized market needs dedicated platform and expert support. aims to bridge the existing gaps that the educational property market is facing.

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